Vicon Integration

This software package bundles all the components, which can be used to process a session of trials collected by a marker based tracking Vicon system. The „old“ Vicon Workstation is supported as well as the current Nexus system.

Vicon Workstation

Read/write routines for file formats specific for the Vicon Workstation are supported (see the table) and the c3d format with the Vicon specific undocumented extentions.

Extention Description Mime type
.enf Trial/group/session meta data: The files are read from the „Data Explorer“ and during processing of a session/group. text/vicon-enf
.mp Model parameters (group or session based): These files are used to read/write parameters during processing of a session/group. Its content is shown in the context sensitive properties window, if the file is selected. Have a look at the file format details. text/vicon-mp
.mkr Markerset text/vicon-mkr
.sp Parameters (not used) text/vicon-sp
.tvd Vicon Video Data (recognized but not supported) application/vicon-tvd
.vad Vicon Analog Data application/vicon-vad
.c3d C3d file format with Vicon specific undocumented extentions. application/vicon-c3d
.mod BodyBuilder model files (not yet supported) application/vicon-mod

Processing Vicon Session details


Each Vicon trial is represented by a set of different files, with the same file name, but different suffixes. The marker timeseries are read from the .c3d-files and additional meta data is read from correspoding .enf-files. The enf-Files can include different groups of properties. In the current implementation of the ViconTrialSet class only the properties from the „TRIAL_INFO“ group are read and saved in the .d3d-files in the property group „ALL“.

Additional properties are added to the meta data. Have a look at following table.

Property name Description
SESSION This attributes should include the name of a session. The directory name which includes the trial is used as session name if it not starts with „Group“, else the name of the directory which includes this directory is used instead. (This property is added by the ViconTrialSet class)


The parameters saved in mp-files, can be read and used by the models.

There are some limitations:

  • The files are found only, if there base name is identical to the „subject“-name, corresponding to the convention in the Heidelberg Motionlab. This is the name of the parent folder of the „session“. In the Heidelberg Motionlab typically trials are not saved directly in the session-folder but in a child folder with the name „Group 1“, „Group 2“, …
  • There is no mechanism, to have different mp-files for different groups.
  • The mechanism to adjust different mp-files to different trials is complex: Inside the enf-files you can defined for each trial an mp-file. If you want to have different mp-files for different groups you can use this mechanism. The convention in the Heidelberg Motionlab ist to use mp-files with a primary name and a letter as an suffix for each group. During trial capturing each trial can adjust to a subject and its corresponding mp-file. Vicon Workstation also allows after capturing the change of the adjustment.

Vicon Nexus

Read/write routines for file formats specific for the Vicon Nexus are supported (see the table) and the c3d format with the Vicon specific undocumented extentions as it is used sice Vicon Workstation.

Extention Description Mime type
.vst Marker model. text/vst+xml
.x1d Raw analog devices data application/x1d
.x2d Raw camera data application/x2d
.xcp text/xcp+xml
.x2d Raw camera data application/x2d

The legacy „.enf“-files from Vicon Workstation are still available in Vicon Nexus. They can externally be modified, by an simple text-editor, or inside Nimue Platform based applications.

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