XML data format

The XML data format is used for nearly all files the Nimue Platforms saves in the file system. All the other file formats are used mainly in form of input/export filters to integrate third party software.

Name Description Schema/Dtd
labelset, markerset A file which contains a set of labels/variables, e.g. markers in the case of a marker based motion analysis. For Vicon users this is the equivalent to Vicons .mkr-File. But it is more flexible and it is not used to define Autolabeling. It is also used define the output of a processing step, if more variables ar calculated than you want to save. labelset.dtd, markerset.dtd
model Definition of the motion analysis model model.dtd, model.xsd
processConfig The process configuration defines how differnt groups of trials are processed based on a model, markerset, … processConfig.xsd
view4d To define a 3d scene for visualisation of motion data, e.g. stick-figures. view4d.dtd
sheet To define pages of sheets of plot diagrams and the variables to plot. sheet.dtd
d3dheader The .d3d files inlcudes a header in the xml-Format where metadata and the structure of the attached binary data is defined d3dheader.dtd

For different purposes different XML data format structures are defined by XML schema or Document Type Definitions (DTDs).

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