XSens MVN Studio (Moven) Integration

This component bundles all the functionality needed to process a session of trials collected with the XSens MVN Studio former called „Moven“ software.

This includes read/write routines for proprietary file format

Extention Description Mime type
.mvnx XML based Trial data file format. This format can be exported by Moven from „.mvn“-files. text/mvnx+xml

Details of this fileformat are explained here.

The Nimue-Platform system expects that „Moven Trials“ are saved/exported in the .mvnx file format. A session is a folder, which includes such files. The current implementation does not make usage of model parameters files and meta data corresponding to the Vicon integration.

To Process a MVN Studio (Moven) Session by the ant system, a special task org.hd.gaitlab.moven.ant.tasks.CalcMLTask is available.

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