MoMo Integration


During the work of Oliver Rettig in the years 2003-2008 in the Gaitlab Heidelberg some Java code for motion analysis was implemented and called EasyBuilder. The code typically was executed inside the Netbeans IDE by usage of Ant scripts.

To use EasyBuilder together with the MoMo (a Matlab based Software/Toolbox from Jan Simon) the following „glue“ code was developed:

  • Reading/Writing of the HD-ASC file format used by MoMo and other Matlab based Tools in the Gaitlab Heidelberg.
  • Reading of specific meta data from the files in the „session folders“, also written in the HD-ASC file format.
  • Code generator for automatic generation of so called „MoMo modelscript files“ from the Nimue Platforms „LabelSet XML-files“.
  • Code generator for automatic generation of „Show4d Matlab files“ from Nimue Platforms „LabelSet XML-files“.
  • A GUI for the code generators above.

For this codebase support is not available any more.

Also in the Nimue Platform most of this code is currently not available any more. MoMo is not activly supported by the Nimue Platform any more. But with some work, it should be possible to include the old EasyBuilder MoMo integration code in the Nimue Platform.

Current strategy and available tools


The current strategy to fit Nimue platform applications into the specific environment of the Heidelberg Gaitlab is to work only with its specific files/file-formats, which are created and used by legacy Matlab code like MoMo, GDMiner, etc.

The HD-ASC file types inclusive the special files are completely suported by the platform.

Examination information files

The Matlab tool MoMo includes a GUI to edit files with the name „examinfo.exm“ inside a session folder. If this file is available, properties like „age“ can be read from, while processing the session.

Import SheetGLA configurations

There is a matlab tool written from Jan Simon to create Plot-Sheets with the name SheetGLA. Its configurations files which define which timeseries are plottet, how the plots are arranget into the sheet, definition of title names and descriptions, can be imported to reuse these information from the Nimue platforms Plot-Sheet component.

The code for this action is implemented in the module „GaitLab Hd-SheetGLA-masks file“.

HeiDataProViT Sessionset files

HeiDataProViT works with specific csv-files, which includes paths to sessionset data and additional parameters. Typically these files are stored in files with the suffix „.xls“ so that Microsoft-Excel can easy open these files.

There are several disadvantages of these filetype:

  • There is no header to define, numberformats, meening of columns etc.
  • Unvisible characters can crash the applications which use these files
  • There is no definition which columns are needed and at which position data is expected.

To overcome these limitations the Nimue Platform defines a specfic well-defined and even more flexible xml-format.

Additionally there is a action availble to import the old csv-files into the xml-format.

The code for this action is implemented in the module „HeiDataProVIT SessionSet“.

GLX file format

If the Module „Glx-file format“ is integrated, motion data can be exported into files, with the suffix „.glx“, in the Heidelberg Motionlab files standard. The module makes the format available in any context menue, where motion data can be exported.

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