From the point of view of a computer scientist Matlab is not the first environment for numerical computations for motion analysis. But due to historical reasons Matlab is ofen used in the motion analysis community. There are more modern scripting languages available, which better fits to the domain of numerical computation like Scala. And also with the buildin support of Python in Vicon Nexus the community can learn about the great possibilities of modern programming langugages and software development enviroments.

At the present a lot of scientists are familar with the syntax of its scripting language. That´s why the Nimue-Platform supports the integration with Matlab in different manners.

Setup a Matlab connection


It is possible to invoke matlab code to filter timeseries during reading or writing trials for processing or to visualize in the plot sheet.

Processing elements

It is possible to invoke matlab scripts defined by processing elements.

Reading/Writing Matlab files

It is possible to read/write the matlab binaray data formats. This allows to export processed data into matlab files for further processing. This functionaliy is independend of a Matlab-installation or connection to a Matlab server.

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