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Json data format

The „.json“-fileformat is a human readable object oriented format. In the context of analysing motion data it is mainly usful for import/export. The fileformat is not very compact, so you can expect very big files and it is time consuming to work with them.

MimeType: text/x-json

Output of processed motion data

In the „job configuration“ the processing output file format is defined by a labelset file:

<CalcGroup name="...">
     <output labelset="output.xml"/>

The output format itself is defined in the labelset file:

<LabelSet name=...>
     <Labels name="Test" mimeType="text/x-json" fileSuffix="json" basefile="true">

The conent of a Json output file looks like the following:

  "trial": {
     "frames": [{},{},...],
     "phases": [{"name": "RStride", "start": 100, "end": 200},...],
     "events": [{"name": "RHS", "pos": 100},...]


  • Phases- or events-objects are saved only, if phases or events are available.
  • At the time, not all informations saved in a trial are exported into Json-files. Missing parts can be added easy if needed.
  • NaN double values are written - against the Json standard - as „NaN“.

Output of exported data

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